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The Centre was set up in 1986 for the purposes of research, education, training and wilderness recreation.


DVFC has become internationally renowned as a tropical research facility. A long-term multidisciplinary programme was initiated in 1984 as a collaborative venture between the Danum Valley Management Committee and the UK’s international Academy of Science, the Royal Society. The main aims of the programme are:

  • To gain scientific understanding of the ecological process and evolutionary mechanisms that maintain tropical rainforest
  • To provide training opportunities for Malaysians in ecology, forestry and related sciences.
  • To assess the impact of logging and provide information which may contribute to improve forest management

DVFC provides research laboratories, as well as a computer room, mini library, solar drying room and other facilities and can accommodate up to 20 resident scientists at any one time. Both local and overseas researches have included undergraduate, MSc., doctorate and post doctorate levels.

Click here to view the Research Procedures And Guidelines For Danum Valley Conservation Area

Bear study by local Researcher
Entomology study


As one of the main objectives of DVFC, emphasis is placed on training and capacity building, both in-house and in providing a venue for external groups. The Centre is capable of hosting courses and seminars for up to 100 participants, and includes amongst its facilities an air-conditioned, well-equipped conference room and a multi-purpose hall.

Sarawak Shell Bhd./Sabah Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd. conducting their Multi Level
Leadership 5 (MLL5) courses at the Danum Valley Field Centre.

Forest Department Ranger Course

Groups using the Centre have included local government and non-government agencies and various overseas organisations. DVFC is also an ideal location for tertiary education, catering for industrial placements and tropical field trips by local and foreign undergraduate and post-graduate students. Although particularly suited to the needs of biologist and foresters, group of all kinds will appreciate the peaceful, natural surroundings.
Canopy Access and Training Programme
Environmental Education (EE)

As part of the formal and informal EE carried out at DVFC, visitors can participate in challenging and stimulating outdoor and indoor activities, meet local and overseas scientists and learn first hand about important forest management initiatives at the centre.
The SHELL Nature Interpretation and Environmental Education Building and the Nature Discovery Centre are well-equipped with interesting displays and interpretation materials, so even if it rains, you can still learn about the forest!
SHELL Nature Interpretation Building.Interpretation & Environmental Education Building (SNIEEB)
Nature Discovery Centre (NDC)
Outdoor Activities
Indoor Activities
Environmental Education Activities & Programmes
Sample Activities
Introduction to rainforest (Guided Nature Walk)
Slide / video show
Guided walk to Tembaling Falls (half-day)
Talk by DV scientists
Guided walk to burial site (half-day)
Nature Discovery Centre Activity Pack (half-day)
Rainforest canopy observation or platform
Rainforest Riddles
Bird watching
Blindfold walk
Role play/simulation
Night walk
Night drive
Sunrise / sunset watch from observation tower
Sumatran Rhino radio play & booklet
Visit to Danum Nursery
Nature songs
Day trip to Borneo Rainforest Lodge
Poem & essay writing
Environmental games
Colouring sheets
Two laboratories are available for use by researchers and students under training programmes – the Analytical Lab in the Shell Building and the Wet Lab. A solar drying room is available for initial drying of bulky materials.

The Analytical Lab
The analytical lab is equipped with :
• 2 large drying ovens (30°C - 220°C)
• Furnace Oven (1200°C)
• 2 electronic top-pan balances
• Fridge and a freezer
• Water distiller
• Fume Cupboard
• Stereoscopic microscope and cold light source
• Dehumidified store
• Chemical store

The Wet Lab
Basic cleaning and sorting of specimens or samples can be carried out in the wet lab. The lab is equipped with several of sinks, a storeroom for researcher use and a small drying oven.


The Computer Room

The Royal Society provides a network of regularly upgraded computers at DVFC. The current system comprises a network of Compaq PCs-3 located in the computer room (along with the server) and another one in the library. All PCs are loaded with MS Office and a range of specialist applications for research.

There are also network connection points in the computer room and library for researchers’ own notebooks. Each of the network PCs has full-time broadband on-line access via satellite. The general Danum email address is rsdanum@the.net.my

The Senior Scientist or one of the Research Assistants will set you up with a user account and password to allow network access and advice on file saving procedures. The computer room is for researchers use only.

The DVFC library is well stocked and up to date with books covering a broad range of natural history, forest management, conservation and other related topics.
• Available for use by all researchers and research-related visitors. All titles are held on an MS Access database.
• Danum Thesis and books which are no longer in print are kept in a locked case – If you need help, please seek assistance from the Research Assistant.

Research Assistants
The Royal Society employs a team of 8 full-time Research Assistants at DVFC. The Research Assistants are highly trained with a wide range of practical research skills. All the research assistants are computer literate and experienced in the use of specialist software associated with their particular areas of expertise.